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We have a wide variety of culture on offer in Greater Nagoya, ranging from traditional arts and crafts such as the famous mechanical dolls known as Karakuri ningyo to world-class concert venues and museums. Whatever culture you are looking for we have something to satisfy you, as well as offering opportunities to discover new treasures.







Tezutsu Hanabi is a type of traditional fireworks observed mainly in Higashi Mikawa area. A person who launches it holds a hand-held firework under an arm tightly with both hands and shoots off huge pillar of flame. At the end, the tube blows off fire with big sound, so called “hane”, which displays dynamism of the performance.









Seto’s history and culture in Setoyaki ceramic production span over 1,000 years. During the Edo period, Seto’s ceramic industry flourished and ceramic tableware, particularly products made in Seto, spread its way across Japan, so much so that the generic word for ceramics in Japanese has become “Setomono.” Seto is also characterized by its lush verdure which helped shape the Setoyaki ceramic industry.

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