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Fine Ceramics

Creating advanced materials from a traditional industry

Many kilns in Greater Nagoya create traditional ceramics. From Seto to Tajimi, numerous potters create Seto-yaki and Mino-yaki pottery, which is well-known in Japan and abroad. And Tokoname-city in Gifu has a long tradition of ceramic ware production, with a history of nearly 1000 years. From the technologies of this traditional industry came fine ceramics, a new material that has gained considerable notice in recent years.

Development of fine ceramics takes advantage of advanced theory and a high level of production technology to achieve material qualities unattainable with traditional pottery or porcelain. Fine ceramics is a sector gathering great interest from a large number of industries in search of new possibilities, such as Semiconductor / LCD Manufacturing Equipment, Information Technology, mobile Communications , Intelligent Transportation Systems, Environmental Preservation, Heaters, and Optics / Single-Crystal Sapphire.etc.

With environmental issues reaching crisis proportions, industries look to reduce their environmental burdens and find new energy-efficient materials. The raw materials for fine ceramics are almost entirely natural and in the firing process, except for a very small amount of raw material, nothing melts and flows into the environment. At the moment, basic research into commercialization and new production technology is necessary to make the most of the environmental safety and special characteristics of these new materials.

Fine ceramics operations cluster in Greater Nagoya. There are more than 60 fine ceramics companies in the city of Seto alone, and they hold a 40% share of the fine ceramics components used in cellular telephones. The headquarters or major production facilities of first-line companies like NGK Insulators, Ltd. and Ibiden Co., Ltd., hold a 99% share of ceramic substrates for automobile catalytic converters used to clean exhaust emissions.

In addition, the Fine Ceramics Center in Nagoya, the Ultra-High Temperature Material Research Center in Tajimi, and Ceramics Park MINO engage in the advanced development of fine ceramics and other new materials.

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