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Mie Medical Valley

image photoMie Medical Valley – Clustering the biotech, medical, health and welfare industries through corporate, academic, governmental and private cooperation

In Greater Nagoya, clustering of biotech, medical, health, and welfare industries is happening on several levels, one of which is the Medical Valley project in Mie Prefecture.

In Mie Prefecture, industrial land is available at reasonable prices, and businesses in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries are on the increase. One of the leading biotechnology companies owns the largest private genome analysis facility in Asia. This facility not only has research alliances with Mie University, it also belongs to a joint alliance between industry, academia and government.

Programs being promoted at Medical Valley:

Forums and symposiums aimed at promoting industry-academia-government level cooperation
Projects to promote industry-academia-government cooperation are planned and executed. The Mie Medical Valley Forum is available to help parties both inside and outside the prefecture. In addition, programs like the Mie Medical Council center on public and university test research facilities, and claim more than 780 members.
Promotion of joint research projects with companies and universities, support of the expansion of the market
Support operations promote joint corporate-academic research projects and emerging bio-ventures. In addition, the Mie Business Clinic helps pioneer new sales routes for products and services in the health and welfare sectors, and provides expert consultation regarding distribution, new product development, and other issues.
Setup and operation of clinical test systems, centered on Mie University
The NPO Mie Clinical Reserch Network includes the Mie University Hospital as well as other hospitals in the prefecture and works to develop new drugs and functional food products by providing high-quality clinical tests and reliable test data.
Industry-academia collaboration
Medical Valley promotes ongoing collaboration between industry and academia. For example, Mie TLO Co., Ltd., acts as a conduit to industry for the new technologies and research project results produced at universities. TLO evaluates the seeds created by university researchers and negotiates for the rights to those with commercial promise. It patents or copyrights those items and transfers them to interested corporations. Mie TLO also supports research and promotes exchanges between researchers in industry and those in academia.
Promotes exchanges and alliances inside and outside the prefecture, stimulating technical alliances, business investment, and financial investment
The Medical Valley project promotes exchanges and alliances among bio-industry clusters in Asia, Europe, and North America, beginning with the Project to Create Manufacturing Industry in the Tokai Region.
Coordinates with specialist staff who can help find real estate or business space
When businesses want to set up in Mie prefecture, the Medical Valley project provides specialists who are well-versed in securing industrial property, hiring qualified personnel, providing follow-up advice and support. The project also offers subsidies to consider when acquiring land and setting up a factory or production facility.

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