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イメージ写真Clustering of high value-added products and advanced technology

Greater Nagoya boasts one of the world’s great clusters of automotive companies. World-renowned automakers such as Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, and General Motors have headquarters, major manufacturing operations, or distribution points in the region. In fact, 44% of the automobiles produced in Japan come from Greater Nagoya.

Naturally, many auto parts and component makers call Greater Nagoya home, among them such world leaders as Denso, Aisin, and Aisin AW. These and other companies in Greater Nagoya account for 45% of the auto parts and components produced in Japan. Major manufacturers like Toyota attract clusters of small-to-medium-sized companies with superior technology and know-how to create an automotive industry center second to none.

One worldwide trend is for manufacturers, including automakers, to look for ways to set up operations in China and Southeast Asia in an effort to reduce costs.

Manufacturers in Greater Nagoya buck that trend. They continue to manufacture in the region, making high value-added products and clustering companies with advanced technologies to help maintain their international competitiveness. In recent years, leading-edge efforts include Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Low Emission Vehicles (LEV) and other environmental programs, as well as Advanced Safety Vehicles (ASV) with cutting-edge safety technology.

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