Greater Nagoya’s GDP makes up over 1% of the entire world’s GDP and 10% of Japan’s.

It is obvious that the region is the center of manufacturing in Japan as well as the world. This region is the highest concentrations of manufacturer’s factory in site spaces in Japan. Also, the region has led the nation in manufactured products shipped for the the past 30 years.

The population of Greater Nagoya stands at about 11 million and both population growth and personal incomes are above national averages. Nagoya itself is the nation’s forth-largest metropolis, with 2.2 million people, and it continues to expand. Consumers in Nagoya has strong spending power, and the consuming trends these days shows stronger than Tokyo or Osaka area. The trends are represented by many laxuary brands opening its own shops in the center of Nagoya cities. 

DNP data

Item Data Year
Population 11,069,052 (10% of Japan’s total population) 2006
Surface Area 21,094km2 -
Households 4,136,355 2006
Income US$ 311 Billion (10% of Japan’s Total Income) 2003
Income per capita US$ 26 thousands (beyond the national average) 2003
Economic Growth Rate 2.5% (beyond the national average, 1.7%.) 2003
GDP US$ 459 Billion (domains 1% of the entire world’s
GDP and 10% of the national GDP)
Total Square of Factories 311ha (Japan’s 13% of the factories concentrates
in Greater Nagoya region.)
Manufactured Products Shipped US$ 439 Million (Japan’s 17% of the volume. No.1
region for nearly 30 years.)
Trade (Nagoya Custom) Export: US$ 135 billion
Import: US$ 67 billion
(Export in GN is the top of Japan)
Job-offer to Job-seeker ratio 1.4 times (over the national average, 0.95 times) 2005
Unemployment Ratio 3.2% (below the national average, 4.4%) 2005

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