Greater Nagoya is served by two major airports: Central Japan International Airport (Centrair), which is one of Japan’s most convenient; and Nagoya Airport, which also handles smaller aircraft such as business jets.

Central Japan International Airport (Centrair)

Source: Central Japan International Airport Co., Ltd.


Centrair opened on February 17, 2005, and serves as Greater Nagoya’s doorway to the world’s major cities and to destinations in Japan. Just offshore from the city of Tokoname on the Chita Peninsula in Aichi prefecture, the new airport located in Ise Bay offers the following advantages:

24-hour operation
Centrair can operate round-the-clock.
Domestic and international flights
Centrair domestic and international flights arrive and depart from the same terminal building, which reduces transfer time.
Superior access
Centrair is 40 minutes from central Nagoya by car, and 28 minutes by train. In addition, airport limousine buses from Centrair serve 25 cities in Japan, and high-speed ferries carry passengers from Centrair to destinations in Tsu and Toba in Mie prefecture.
First-class operational scale
Centrair has a 3,500-meter runway, and ranks with Narita International and Kansai International as one of Japan’s top airports.
Advantageous distribution costs
Landing fees are lower than either Narita International or Kansai International.
Easy-to-use facilities
Centrair is compactly built and designed to be user friendly.

Nagoya Airport

Nagoya Airport is located at Toyoyama-cho, Nishi-Kasugai-gun, Aichi prefecture, and has been reconfigured as Japan’s first airport designed to handle private aircraft, including business jets.


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