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Enterprises Expanding into Greater Nagoya

Below companies have expanded their business with GNI support

TTTech Automotive Japan (Australia)
Nagoya / Aichi
Develops, Manufactures and sells the next generational automotive network system. Established a corporation in November 2008

Dalian Hengxin Precision Mould Manufacture Ltd (China)
Komaki / Aichi
Designs and processes plastics, presses, die-casting dies, and jigs for automotive parts or metal cutting machine tools. Plans manufacturing, sales, imports and exports. Established a Japan Branch in February 2008

Bodycote Japan K.K. (United Kingdom)
Nagoya / Aichi
Provides thermal processing services. Heat treatments & Metal jointing in the field of Automotive, Aerospace, contraction, electric generation and devices, and consumer produces and engendering. Established a corporation in March 2008

Businessman's Association of Samarkando (Uzbekistan)
Nagoya / Aichi
Established by semi-governmental for trading promotion in Central Asia. Advanced in the Greater Nagoya to export construction machines bought from a local company in the area. Considers exporting Japan’s farm products to Uzbekistan in the future. Establish Japan Branch in January 2008.

Ikea Distribution Service Co., Ltd. (Sweden)
Yatomi / Aichi
Implements a centralized management of the inventories (furnitures) to an increase of distribution according to the store expansion of Ikea Japan Ltd.. Established in February 2008.

Bausch Articulating Papers Japan K. K. (Germany)
Nabari / Mie
One of the world’s leading company in the manufacture of special articulating — occlusion test materials designed to represent occlusal proportions on the masticatory surfaces. The pressure-sensitive articulating papers are developed in order to present all the different masticatory forces in various colors. Established a corporation in July, 2007

Wall Street Associates K.K. (United Kingdom)
Nagoya / Aichi
Specializes in providing executive introductions and HR consulting services in the areas of Accounting, Technology, Finance and HR. Established Nagoya office in April, 2007

BEST Australia Pty. Ltd (Australia)
Nagoya / Aichi
Provide services on overseas study program, home stay, working holiday, retirement visa, overseas wedding plans, and cultural tours in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland area. Established a branch in March 2007.

Eurotron (Italy)
Nagoya / Aichi
Manufactures, sells, and provide after sales services for electric measuring instruments. Infrared thermometer, combustion gas analyzer, and instrumentation signal correction are the company’s major products. Established a Japanese corporation in March 2007

Nisshin / Aichi
Opened a cafe called “ZICOFE” serving a pure and organic coffee grown in Uganda. ZICOFE was opened after its experience in opening a shop at 2005 World Expo held in Greater Nagoya. Established a Japanese corporation in February 2007.

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