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Enterprises Expanding into Greater Nagoya

Below companies have expanded their business with GNI support

Sibelco (Singapore)
Nagoya / Aichi
Manufactures silica material for flat glass panel. Established a corporation in October, 2008.

HSBC Japan (England)
Nagoya / Aichi
Provides financial service sharing international network. Launched into Greater Nagoya for further connection to local companies. Established the Nagoya office in August, 2008.

Jouryuu Jitsugyou Japan Co., Ltd. (China)
Nagoya / Aichi
Manufactures & sells semiconductor products and molding machines as well as metal processing work. Established a corporation in August, 2008.

NIHON RITATSU Co., Ltd. (China)
Nagoya / Aichi
System design & software development for securities, finance, medical care, distribution, welfare facilities, manufacturing and production control. Established a corporation in August, 2008.

DURA (United States)
Nagoya / Aichi
Manufactures automotive parts. Already established a representative office in 2005, which has incorporated in August, 2008.

Walter Tooling Japan, Co., Ltd. (Germany)
Nagoya / Aichi
Manufactures carbide tools for precision cutting. Already expands their business by an exclusive agency so far and established a corporation by taking customer service into account in June, 2008.

Cymer Japan, Inc. (United States)
Yokkaichi / Mie
Imports & provides technical service of laser transmitter for semiconductor manufacturing machine.Established the second branch office in April, 2008.

Boellhoff K.K. (Germany)
Nagoya / Aichi
Manufactures and sells automotive fasteners, aluminum bolts and nuts. Established a corporation in February 2008.

Pricol Limited (India)
Kariya / Aichi
Manufactures and sells complete range of automotive and motor vehicle components. Establish a Japan Branch in February 2008.

Consultant Solutions, Inc. (United States)
Nagoya / Aichi
Provides professional interpreter and translation services for technical and non-technical documents, and Training services of English language in business level. Establish a Japan Branch January 2008.

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